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Welcome, everyone! It's about time we got a Guild Master community, right?
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I'm Abkani, the GM of Eldritch Way, an Alliance guild on Kilrogg.
HI Melicent Officer Of Mischeif Managed, horde side on Sliver Hand

Well most of us are we are a starter guild/Alt guild...Tired of random invites we got that managed.

Sorry I had to do it
Never even thought of it to be honest, but I can see its uses

Joint GM of a private guild on DragonBlight EU
Made because we were a small but close group of friends and decided it would work better with the guild functionality as that was essentially what we were before anyway.
Membership limited to mature intelligent players only. predictably quite a small guild right now ;)
Shotie from Moonrunner here, I founded the guild called Pussiecat Pirates-the idea was many of us were FFXI "refugees" and we all came from many different servers to play together in WoW. It's mostly just good friends right now, so it's still small, and we're fairly picky about who we let in still, so we don't have recruitment spam shouts or anything of that nature.

I run the Crowlcon guild over on the Horde side of Earthen Ring. We're a fairly new RP guild though I have run/co-run a few guilds before. Mostly we're just a bunch of people who like to RP and help each other out.
GM of Pandemoneus on stormrage '-'b
Co-leader of a guild alliance so that we can raid ;o
Greetings. I'm Mogwai, GM of the Shadow Wolves on Malfurion.