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The smaller guild

Guess I'll get the ball rolling. I run a small guild on Malfurion (39 accounts, and nearly everyone has at least one alt as well) and later tonight I'm having an officer's meeting to discuss whether or not to disband. We've got 3 60s and another 4 players getting close. I set up the guild with the intent of creating a place for mature gamers to get together and enjoy each others' company without having to worry about rank or power levelling to run the end game instances. The upside is I've gathered a core of about 15 consistent players who are really cool. The downside is now that more of us are approaching 60 we want to run Scholo and Strat and others but are forced to wait for a pick up group (and we all know how unpredictable those can be). I've run Scholo twice and UBRD once since I turned 60 myself, and I've had to patiently wait for a pick up group to do them. I'm toying with the idea of simply disbanding and joining one of the larger guilds, but I'd miss the chemistry of my smaller guild. So I'm curious:

- Is it worth maintaining the guild? Possibly try to form an alliance with a larger guild in order to have a larger pool of players to draw from for the sake of groups/raids?

- How do you go about recruiting for your own guilds? It seems like spamming the channels only works so well. Do you accept any level toon or impose level limits?
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