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The smaller guild

Guess I'll get the ball rolling. I run a small guild on Malfurion (39 accounts, and nearly everyone has at least one alt as well) and later tonight I'm having an officer's meeting to discuss whether or not to disband. We've got 3 60s and another 4 players getting close. I set up the guild with the intent of creating a place for mature gamers to get together and enjoy each others' company without having to worry about rank or power levelling to run the end game instances. The upside is I've gathered a core of about 15 consistent players who are really cool. The downside is now that more of us are approaching 60 we want to run Scholo and Strat and others but are forced to wait for a pick up group (and we all know how unpredictable those can be). I've run Scholo twice and UBRD once since I turned 60 myself, and I've had to patiently wait for a pick up group to do them. I'm toying with the idea of simply disbanding and joining one of the larger guilds, but I'd miss the chemistry of my smaller guild. So I'm curious:

- Is it worth maintaining the guild? Possibly try to form an alliance with a larger guild in order to have a larger pool of players to draw from for the sake of groups/raids?

- How do you go about recruiting for your own guilds? It seems like spamming the channels only works so well. Do you accept any level toon or impose level limits?
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I'm in the same type of position. I have no intention of ever dissolving our guild. We are all close friends and enjoy the company of each other. When we're up at 60 we will recruit more for high instances but right now the size of our guild doesn't matter.

We have 20 people in our guild including alts, seven of which who are on at some point each day.

IMO it is worth keeping the guild together and doing things on your terms. You can even join up with other guilds to do MC and such later on.

I recruit by posting in the channel with one macro, and then I also have a private message macro. I click someone who is obviously unguilded, click the macro and wait for a response.

I also have a level limit, so if we are in our 30s the lowest we will accept is someone in their 20's, to make it easier to group and retain people. :) Hope this helped!

I'm also the only person who recruits, being the GM. My guild's name is Burning Lesion and we are playing on an RP server so just imagine the flack I get! Recruiting is hard!
Thanks for the input. After discussing it with the officers I've decided to keep the guild up and running. We're going to try to form a loose partnership with one of the larger guilds so we can group with them when we need to.

We're a guild of 80, perhaps 65 actual accounts with the rest being alts..

.. but we're in a similar situation - had some 60s leave because we weren't raiding often, but wanting to raid a bit more -when- we have the right balance of classes online..

So now we're starting to do Strat/Scholo every two nights (starting out easy, learning to work together and get a sense of motivation going)..

Recritingwise, i've changed my recruiting macro to ask for the classes that we need more of: tanks, casters and rogues.. outside of the cities, i use my macro -once!- (to avoid charges of spamming) in every zone i enter - i'm often surprised just where i find a curious recruit.. oh, and we have a minimum level of 20.

One key rule which seems to weed out the immature, is the "no cursing" rule - once in a while, fine.. twice, you're warned.. three times, you're out.. it keeps the kidlets out and the mature/able players around..

Hope some of this helped!

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Keep it


October 4 2007, 13:12:02 UTC 9 years ago

Keep your guild okay? start recruiting more people if you spent the money to start it then dont waste it small guild are good just wait for everyone to level but ultimatly it is up to you good luck and if its to late then youll have to restart a new guild