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World of Warcraft Guild Masters

World of WarCraft Guild Masters
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wow_gms is for every Guild Master of a World of Warcraft guild to post in. Here we discuss issues related to our guilds, including but not limited to:
  • rules of guilds
  • point systems
  • instance information
  • ranking
  • gripe/rave about being a GM ;)

    1. Communities are NOT to be advertised here. Doing so will get you BANNED.
    2. This community is not to be used for guild advertising! It is purely for Guild Masters to discuss game issues with other guild masters.
    3. Don't join this community if you aren't a guild master or high ranking officer in your guild.
    4. Use an LJ cut for more than one image being posted.
    5. Do NOT post off-topic discussion that could be a topic in worldofwarcraft.
    6. Introduce yourself, be respectful and have fun!

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    wow_gms is currently maintained by deathpufferfish. She runs the guild Burning Lesion, located on Thorium Brotherhood server and goes by the name Xepri.